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slot roma ,Come to know the guaranteed without disappointment.

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slot roma As for the popular format, it is due to This type of slot has many advantages. The gambler likes and wants that is. Will get many free bonuses And free games and most importantly, the jackpot is very often broken Today we will bring you to know This kind of salad to be fully known. And have tried to play, guaranteed not to be disappointed, go and see

What are the payout rates in?

As for the payout rate of this type of game, the minimum is 5 times and the maximum is 1000 times. And most importantly, there are bonuses in various points. There are also grape jars, shields, knives, swords, lions, crowns, warriors, Rome and wild symbols. If it appears from 3-5, it will receive a bonus in the following order

  1. Gums which will score bonus 3, 10 and 30 respectively.
  2. Grape symbol score bonus 5 10 30 respectively.
  3. Shield symbol defense bonus score 5 15 75 respectively.
    4.Sword knife symbol, bonus points are 10, 30 and 120 respectively.
  4. Lion Symbol Bonus points are 40, 50 and 200 respectively.
  5. Crown symbol will get bonus points 15, 100 and 500 respectively.
  6. Warrior Symbol Bonus points are 15, 150 and 1,000 respectively.
  7. Rome symbol, if it is slots 1, 2 and 3, the age will get free spins 4 6 7 8 times how many times we will get it depends on our random bonus.
  8. Wild symbol is a symbol that will increase our bonus even more slot roma

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